Seattle Optometrist Wins Award for Excellent Care

Seattle Optometrist Wins Award

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Eye Exams can be fun in the right clinic

When selecting a Seattle Optometrist, it is important for you to choose the right one. While there are many experts out there, you may not find the best Seattle Optometrist right away. You shouldn’t risk your eye health by going to an optometrist that is ‘OK’.  Instead it’s smart to look for the best expert in your area.

Similar to auto mechanics and chiropractors, not all eye doctors are created equal.  Their education (undergrad and professional school attended) is certainly an important factor.  However, that will tell you nothing of their bedside manner or how ethical their medical practice is.  You can certainly contact the state licensing board to ask about any sanctions, but who has the time for that? In the modern era, online reviews are a great way to ‘crowd source’ this question: who is really the top-rated Seattle optometrist?

So how should a person evaluate online reputations to determine who is the best eye doctor in their city?

Use Online Resources to locate the best Seattle Optometrist

There are several sources you can use to look up a given healthcare provider’s online reputation.  Google (Maps) is a good one, but you’ll need a Gmail account to write reviews.  can be a good source of info, but there are typically lots of ads at the top. So on Yelp, you’ll have to scroll down a bit to find their numbered rankings for your search.  Web-MD and HealthGrades  are also good sources. is another useful provider review site. Other people use Angie’s List or NextDoor, but these services are not as widely used in Seattle.


You might want to start your search at your insurance website to see who is in the network, and then cross-reference this info with online reputations.  It’s worth mentioning that even if your preferred doctor is not “In Network” with your insurance, you can still see them for an eye exam.  Just inquire about the out-of-pocket price in advance.  You may be able to get part of your fees reimbursed by your insurance company with an out-of-network reimbursement form.  Often consumers will learn that their insurance plan is pushing them towards a certain in-network provider.  But it is best not to compromise on the quality of health care services when it comes to your eye health.  If you want great eye care and your chosen provider is not in network, you may be best off paying for great care.

Isn’t word of mouth the best way to find a doctor?

Word of mouth is also a good point of reference of course.  Just keep in mind that no one person has evaluated dozens of eye doctors in the last year and you cannot trust their opinion right off the bat. This is why it is best to trust online reviews as you can read up on reviews from multiple people. Get the insights you need on the varying experiences every individual has had with a certain doctor.

What To Look For In An Optometrist?

If you are on the search for an optometrist in Seattle then you need to consider the following qualities to ensure that you get the best one:

Several Years Of Experience

When going for medical help you need to opt for an expert who has several years of experience under their belt. This way you will be sure that the doctor is not seeing your case for the first time and even if they are, they can offer good services and ensure your well-being. It is easier to trust a doctor who has more years of experience than someone who has just begun their career.

Good Communication

It is essential for patients and doctors to have good communication. Doctors are the initiators of communication and if the doctor does not have good communication skills, they may not understand what the patient is trying to tell them. A lot of important information can be lost due to the lack of proper communication. Moreover, patients may have many concerns and they cannot address them unless the doctor is willing take the time to listen.

Attentive To Patient Concerns

Doctors need to be attentive to the problems their patients are facing. If a doctor is dismissive of the patient’s concern then the patient may have difficulty communicating their needs.

Keeping Up With The Times

With time there are several changes and advancements in the medical field. When going to an Optometrist you need to be sure that they are in touch with all the advancements and are implementing them in their practice.

Three Best-Rated Seattle Optometrist  

Three Best Rated is also a good source for you. This is an independently run website that is ethical (you can’t pay to have yourself listed as one of the best) that evaluates not just eye doctors, but all healthcare and other providers. has a 50-point inspection that looks at not just reviews but also complaints, patient satisfaction, website quality, trust, and cost.  In early 2022 Dr. Mark Cannon was named one of the 3 best-rated eye doctors in Seattle.  This award was given to Dr. Mark and the U-Village office as we opened our second Seattle location at Pike Place’s Market Optical.

Best Eye doctors in Seattle

So who is the top-rated optometrist in Seattle?

Turns out it depends on what your source is.  Per Three Best Rated, the three best optometrists in Seattle are Dr. Hovander, Dr. Bergstrom, and Dr. Mark Cannon of Cannon EyeCare.  Google and Yelp break it down by Zip Code….if you allow your browser to see your location.  In our respective zip codes, Cannon EyeCare comes out as #1 in downtown (98101) and in University District (98105) on Google.  On Yelp we rank highly in 98105 but need more reviews downtown to show up in the Yelp ranking.  Certainly, Oculus EyeCare in South Lake Union tops the list for Yelp in Seattle overall.  As stated at the start, we are in a big city and there are many good options.  Now you need to use the resources readily available to sort out the best fit for you and your family. We hope we get to work with you soon!