Why should I get my eyes dilated?

Published on January 7, 2016

Many of our new patients at Cannon EyeCare seem surprised when we bring up dilation…

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Do you have Pink Eye?

Published on December 11, 2015

This eye looks really painful, and kind of scary. If you went to work looking…

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Published on November 11, 2015

Lots of contact lens patients start to lose interest in contacts when Presbyopia (a loss…

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Top-7 tips to prepare for your next eye exam

Published on November 2, 2015

Top-seven tips to prepare for your next eye exam appointment: As with a visit to…

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Why Safety Glasses Matter

Published on October 26, 2015

We all know that you need to wear safety glasses to protect the eyes in…

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Contact lens safety when traveling

Published on October 11, 2015

Think about your eyes and contact lens safety as your next adventure. If I had…

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Wait, smoking is bad for your eyes?

Published on October 11, 2015

News flash: Smoking affects your eyes, and cigarettes are bad for you. Sure, the image…

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How to find a great local eye doctor

Published on October 9, 2015

Finding a new doctor of any type can be a daunting task. When you go…

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Why are pediatric eye exams important?

Published on September 1, 2015

This post is indeed about pediatric eye exams, but let’s talk about your visual experience…

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CLOW: Contact Lens Over Wear

Published on August 4, 2015

One of the key questions the optometrists at Cannon EyeCare try to ask all contact…

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