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How to tell if a glasses prescription is wrong?

What are some ways to determine if you need new glasses? This is a frequent question and a good one. How do you determine if you need new glasses – or if the glasses Rx you’re using is wrong? It can be hard to tell …

Can I get a reading glasses test?

Do You Need Reading Glasses? The aging process affects the function of your eyes in much the same way as other body parts, like your creaky joints. As the focusing system in your eyes gets less flexible, your close vision will worsen. This condition is …

HayFever Treatment Seattle

Dr. Mark J. Cannon, OD March 11th, 2021 Advice

What is ‘Hayfever’? Hayfever is a common form of allergy caused by pollen, dust, or sometimes mold that results in the eyes and nose becoming itchy and inflamed. You may also experience a runny nose, a mild cough, and itchy, red, watery eyes. Hayfever is …

LASIK Seattle – LASIK Evaluations in Seattle – Refractive Surgery

What is LASIK? According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, LASIK is the most popular vision correction procedure in the United States. It’s a surgical procedure that reshapes the cornea to improve vision. The surgery is done under local anesthesia, which means the patient is …

Contact Lens Exam Seattle

How do you find a good contact lens exam by a skilled optometrist in Seattle? There are lots of eye doctors who offer contact lens exams in Seattle, and so many ways to research them. Sites like Yelp! and Google Maps offer access to reviews …

Seattle Dry Eye

How do you know if you have dry eye? Here are some of the most common symptoms of Dry Eye reported by patients at our Seattle clinic: ~A gritty feeling in the eyes upon awakening or after lots of computer time ~A sensation of having …

CoronaVirus / COVID-19 Updates

We Are Open And Ready To Serve You! Cannon EyeCare reopened on June 2nd, 2020. We are now seeing all exam types, not just emergencies. We are so excited to welcome you back! Thank you so much for your words of support during our closure. …

Timely Tips for Viewing the Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse Safety Tips: We all know it’s not wise to stare at the sun. Yet on the morning of the “Great American Solar Eclipse”, Monday, August 21st, 2017, it will be tempting for Seattleites and others in the across the country to do just …

Too Cool For School: Many Teenagers Wear Contact Lenses for Sports Only

Have you ever wondered if your teenage kids could wear contacts? Quite frequently we have parents of teens or pre-teens bring their kids in for an eye exam to get fit in contact lenses. Our eye doctors will invariably ask what situations you want them …

Why Sun Glasses Matter

Good news: Sun glasses are not just for looking cool these days. Believe it or not, the sun’s UV rays created the damage on the eye seen in this blog post. It turns out that the sun can damage your eyes on the front (as …

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