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Timely Tips: Solar Eclipse Safety

Solar Eclipse Safety Tips: We all know it’s not wise to stare at the sun. Yet on the morning of the “Great American Solar Eclipse”, Monday, August 21st, 2017, it will be tempting for Seattleites and others in the across the country to do just …

Am I a candidate for contact lenses?

Eye doctors get asked about contact lenses on a regular basis. We hear things like: ‘Are contact lenses safe?’ ‘Am I a candidate for contact lenses?’ ‘Can you sleep in contact lenses?’ ‘Can people with astigmatism wear contacts?’ ‘How do I learn how to put …

Contact lens safety when traveling

Think about your eyes and contact lens safety as your next adventure. If I had the opportunity to advise my patients who wear contacts how to prepare for travel, I would ask them more about the trip. If a patient were going on a long …