Why Should I Get My Eyes Checked If I See Well? [In a word: Glaucoma]

Published on April 7, 2016

So you see well pretty much all day, right? That’s great! You don’t want to…

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What is the difference between an optometrist and an ophthalmologist?

Published on January 24, 2016

Loads of patients find it challenging to wrap their mind around the difference between optometry…

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Why should I get my eyes dilated?

Published on January 7, 2016

Many of our new patients at Cannon EyeCare seem surprised when we bring up dilation…

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Top-7 tips to prepare for your next eye exam

Published on November 2, 2015

Top-seven tips to prepare for your next eye exam appointment: As with a visit to…

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Wait, smoking is bad for your eyes?

Published on October 11, 2015

News flash: Smoking affects your eyes, and cigarettes are bad for you. Sure, the image…

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