New Optometrist in Downtown Seattle

Cannon EyeCare opens a new Optometry Office in Downtown Seattle.

Are you looking for an Optometrist in Downtown Seattle? Optometrists Mark and Miranda Cannon, owners of the top-rated vision clinic Cannon EyeCare in Seattle’s University Village, have opened a new optometry office in downtown Seattle at Pike Place’s Market Optical. You can now connect with the best Optometrist in Downtown Seattle! Pike Place, without a doubt, feels like the heart of downtown Seattle. If it’s been a while since you’ve been to our most iconic market, allow Cannon EyeCare to welcome you back to Pike Place.

New Optometrist in Downtown Seattle

There are many great eye doctors in downtown Seattle. However, there is a reason our University Village office gets more 5-star reviews per month than our local competitors. We do try to take excellent care of every patient every time. The doctors at Cannon EyeCare are genuinely interested in solving your vision or eye health issues as thoroughly and efficiently as possible. Whether it’s a complex soft contact lens fit, dry eye evaluation and management, or a glaucoma-related eye appointment, Cannon EyeCare is here to serve you!

We bought our new Pike Place practice from Dr. Cynthia Ruggeiro in January 2022. She had worked out of the original Market Optical location since the early 1990s.

Top-Rated Optometrist in Downtown Seattle brings excellent eye care to a new neighborhood.

Cannon EyeCare strives to deliver the best eye exam in Seattle. Our doctors conduct every eye exam on their own to ensure that every test is done right. We strive to do right by our patients and care for their health. We book a full hour for your comprehensive eye exam so that we can give great care while ensuring that we stay on schedule. Please arrive at your appointment on time with the paperwork completed in advance or show up at least 10 minutes prior to the appointment to allow time for paperwork. If you do this, we can help you as best as we can. We are excited to help our patients make the most of their vision and address any problems they have with their eyes.

With experts on your side and premium medical eye care, there is nothing to worry about. We have always been motivated to improve our processes and services to serve our patients well. If you have further questions about our services, feel free to contact us, and we will answer your questions vigilantly.

We work out of Market Optical at Pike Place, much like at our original University Village location.

In January 2015, Cannon EyeCare took over the optometric practice at the Market Optical in University Village. We rent space from the optical and earn nothing on the glasses sales. This helps ensure that if the doctor says you really need progressive lenses, you can trust that it’s sound medical advice, not an up-sell. We know the opticians at Market Optical are some of the best in town. Yet the eye doctors at Cannon Eyecare will not pressure you to buy glasses at Market Optical. We do not run that kind of business. If you can see everything you need to see clearly and comfortably with the Rx and eye care we provide, then we are more than happy to serve you as your trusted eye doctor.

Eye Doctors serving Belltown, 1st Hill, Capitol Hill, South Lake Union, and SODO

Cannon EyeCare at the Pike Place Market Optical is easy to get to from anywhere in central Seattle. We are a short walk from Belltown in downtown Seattle. A quick trolley, bike, or train ride will get you here from 1st Hill, Capitol Hill, or the SoDo/Georgetown neighborhoods. The nearest Link light rail station to our Pike Place office in Westlake.

Our new office is in the Stewart House of Pike Place Market, between the original Starbucks and the much-loved Peroshky Peroshky, at 1906 Pike Place, #8, Seattle, 98101.

You may wonder what kind of eye doctor you should work with within downtown Seattle.

What Is The Difference Between Optometrist And Ophthalmologist

Many patients wonder about the difference between optometrists and ophthalmologists. You can think of optometrists as your primary care eye doctor who can handle nearly any eye issue. If you have issues that your optometrist is not comfortable managing, you will be referred to another doctor’s clinic. Typically this referral would be to a specialized optometrist or an ophthalmologist for eye surgery.

The great thing about seeing an optometrist for your primary eye care is that they focus on getting your glasses (or contacts) right and know the best ophthalmologists in town should you need a surgical referral. If you got a prescription from an ophthalmology office, their technician probably did your refraction. Good luck with that glasses Rx.

Please note that Cannon EyeCare does NOT fit RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) hard contacts because we don’t have the equipment or space to do it well. This includes Ortho-Keratology lenses that some patients sleep in. We refer patients who plan to continue wearing RGPs or want to try Ortho-K to the optometrists at Cascade Vision in Madison Valley, Seattle. The doctors at Specialty Eye in downtown Seattle also fit RGPs well.

Soft contact lens technology has come a LONG way in recent years. Dr. Mark Cannon has helped numerous patients transition from RGPs into a mix of soft contacts and glasses. Rigid Contacts contort your corneas, and they need months to recover to their normal shape.  Starting this transition now will help you get a more optimal outcome later in life when you need cataract surgery.

University Village location of Cannon EyeCare to remain open; new associate coming soon

Doctors Mark and Miranda Cannon will be running the University Village office of Cannon EyeCare for many years. Furthermore, we plan to build up the Pike Place office to a 5-day-a-week practice soon. At that point, we will be hiring our first associate optometrist.