Dry Eye Specialist Seattle – Expert Dry Eye Care & Treatments

This is a medical eye exam (billed to medical, not vision insurance) for patients suffering from dry, burning, or gritty eyes, with a goal of restoring eye health as well as improving comfort and vision.

Dry eye has become increasingly common in recent years as screen time has increased – but there are many causative factors aside from computers.

Dr. Mark Cannon has a special interest in dry eye because he has a mild case of it himself.  Dry eye is typically a chronic condition, yet by restoring eye health we can typically get it controlled well enough to stop the suffering.  These services can be paid out of pocket or you can use medical insurance – vision insurance will not apply here.  Medical insurance we take includes Premera, Regence, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Lifewise, Regence Group Administrators, HMA, Uniform Medical, BridgeSpan, and Group Health PPO plans.

Dry Eye Evaluation & Management