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What should I bring to an eye appointment?

If you plan to use insurance, it’s a good call to bring your insurance card along.  Better yet, email it to the doctors in advance.  It’s also a good call to bring in your best pair of glasses (even if broken) and documentation of your most recent contact lens Rx, unless we prescribed your contacts.

How do you perform an eye exam?

First, go to optometry school. Next, finish optometry school. Finally, do your job well. 

Can you wear makeup to an eye appointment?

 Make up is fine, but you might want to skip eye liner.

What should I know before getting my eyes checked?

We’ve prepared a list of the 7 this to do before your eye exam, get ready here:

What should you not do before an eye exam?

Don’t sleep in your contacts – it will throw everything off for the exam, and is risky in general.

What is the difference between a routine eye exam and a medical eye exam?

Routine exams are just that.  It’s like a physical exam for your eyes along with a refraction to sort out your glasses Rx.  These exams may or may not include a contact lens fit depending on the patient’s needs.  Vision insurance may apply, but Cannon EyeCare does not accept VSP, Davis, or EyeMed.

A medical eye exam is a focused exam designed to evaluate and manage one or more medical eye issues such as dry eye, glaucoma, ‘’pink eye” or a cataract evaluation.  These exams would be billable to medical insurance, as long as we are in network. 

How much does a routine eye exam cost?

It varies a bit. At Cannon EyeCare we reduce the cost down almost $100 from what we bill the insurance companies when patients are paying out of pocket.  Our fee for a routine glasses exam is $195 in 2021.  Contact lens fittings will add another $90-$130 typically, depending on complexity.

What to know before booking your eye exam.

Using Insurance? We strongly encourage you to verify your vision benefits ahead of your appointment. Check your benefits booklet for vision coverage or call your insurance company to ask about your vision benefits. You can also email us an image of the front and back of your card and we can look up your benefits in most cases. *Please be aware that insurance can be complex and final benefit determination is made by your insurance company when your claim is processed, so any information we relay to you is not a guarantee of benefits.

We are in-network with Premera, Lifewise, Regence, Medicare, HMA, RGA, and Kaiser Permanente’s PPO plans.

Is your vision coverage through the same company as your medical coverage? It is possible we are in network with your medical plan, but you have a separate vision plan and you may not even know it. We do not accept 3rd party vision plans such as VSP, Eyemed, and Davis Vision due to unreasonable contractual requirements. If you have vision coverage through a 3rd party, you can pay out of pocket for your eye exam and we will provide you with a claim form to self submit for partial reimbursement. If we are not billing your insurance, your out of pocket cost for a vision exam will be $195. Contact lens fittings are an additional $90-130 in most cases.

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